Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BATS is Back!

Alright, alright. I could sit here and patronize you all with my apologies about how it has been sooooo long since I wrote, but that wouldn't actually do anything, now would it? And so, I am back. Perhaps even with a vengeance, but probably not. In all honesty, I have really missed you - what little audience I have. I have missed writing my random adventures, wild antics, and above all, day-to-day stupidities. What I find humorous in all this is that the last time I wrote, which was back in December, I recall I was dating a young gentleman. Said gentleman was well aware of my blog, and, when he spent the weekend, he specifically said "I better not show up in your blog!" - well too bad darling!! As fleeting as the moment is, here you are. And we are no longer dating - THAT much time has passed since I last wrote.

So here we are. The New Year is in full swing, and after what felt like an eternity, I am writing again. I suppose that as a welcome back post, I should start by explaining my leave of abscence. My ahem, beloved boss informed me - and the rest of my team for that matter - during a meeting in December that we were expected to make use of the $1500.00 we have at our disposal for continuing education and professional development. Free money you say? Yes please; just point me in its direction. As a result, I quickly found myself enrolled not only in Introduction to Project Management, but also Level 1 Spanish. In the blink of an eye, I signed away six - that's right - SIX entire Saturdays, as well as Tuesday and Thursday nights. Apparently, I thought this would be a good idea, and that more importantly, I was feeling up to the daunting challenge.

Fast forward past pneumonia plagued holidays, a cliché New Year's Eve midnight kiss and a return to work straight out of a horror novel, and I found myself about to begin class. I would love to say that I was mature about this, but the truth could not be further from. On the eve of the death of my social life for six weeks, I received a text from the dreaded ex informing me he would be attending a party where I would be that evening, with the sister of one of my best friends. Really? REALLY? Thanks for nothing - again. After sending my colourfully worded well-wishings to him, I decided to venture to the psychic fair in hopes of getting some sort of news that might turn this day around. *Allow me to digress for a moment: The day sucked in particular because not only would I see my ex, but I would see him at Cookie Monster's house - where Cookie Monster would be with his girlfriend, whom he met at back to Pumpkin Spice...On Ice to refresh your memory as to how horribly awry that night went.* I am still not certain why I thought any psychic would ever give me good news - as I sat down, I felt an ominous cloud settle over me. I shuffled and cut the deck, and the reading started. Failure. Yes, that is the FIRST card that was flipped over. W.O.W. I was aghast. Especially when three cards later, she flipped the Fool. I nearly lost my shit. The boy who had left me mildly broken-hearted but three days earlier had that EXACT card tattooed on his calf. I was on the verge of tears, and most certainly ready to leave. I'd had enough - time to get to this party, and get my drink on.

I woke Saturday morning after an awesome four hours of sleep in less than stellar shape. I took off like a bat out of hell - it was that or go back to bed. Not only did I arrive on time, I arrived ahead of time. The class started, and I was instantly absorbed - I could tell that the six Saturdays would be well worth it, despite having to listen to some really annoying people. I left that Saturday looking forward to the next five classes, and to the challenges the class would present. Spanish was much less exciting, pero, hoy yo hablo un poco de Espanol. Honestly, the first two weeks were not so bad, but it quickly became very obvious to me why I had decided early on in life to just plow through school - returning is really tough. Especially with a full-time job. The energy isn't the same anymore, priorities change, and it is battle to try to find time to dedicate to reading some very dry material, and completing homework assignments. After the ex moved out of the house last year, I stopped drinking coffee. It wasn't planned, but I liked that I felt better without it. School drove me right back into its sweet, loving arms. It was a brief encounter with hell, but I must admit, at the end of the day, I love going back to school. Even though it took away from just about everything else, I still totally rocked both my classes - 87% in Introduction to Project Management and an SC in Spanish - I assume based on test results and attendance I have a grade somewhere in the 85-90% range.

Paired with school came a complete and total lack of time to go to the gym. That and the second bout of pneumonia over the Christmas holidays led me to believe that perhaps a break from physical exercise was a good thing; it would let my lungs heal and get back into shape. It also meant that I no longer had that time every day where I could tune out and just observe life happening around me - I lost my primary source of writing inspiration!! Add to the lack gym time (or any time at all for that matter) the fact that I met a boy who lives out of town and you have the perfect recipe for me not writing. But even if we removed Mr. Paul from the equation, I still would not have had the time or energy to write. Truth be told, I wrote a post upon my return from the 514 back in January. It was almost complete, but as I re-read it, I couldn't help but feel disgust - I wasn't proud of what I had written. It lacked the usual depth you have all becomed so accustomed to, as well as any type of heart on my behalf. I just wasn't proud of what was displayed on the screen in front of me - how could I even think of clicking the "Publish" button. I deleted that post tonight, and at the same time made somewhat of a personal vow never to write when I don't feel up to it - why write garbage? Though I am certain some of these posts are questionnable in their nature, I am proud of all I have written so far - yes, even the "smut"...

And so on that note, welcome back. Welcome back to BATS, and welcome back to me, Miss Milie B. It is presently 10:15pm on a Wednesday night. As I look out my 11th story balcony window, I see a white screen, and millions of tiny snowflakes falling all at once. As mother nature covers the city in her white blanket, all I can think is it's nice to write again. No - it's excellent to write again, and I can't wait for my next post. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season as much as I did mine, that your New Year has been nothing less than prosperous until now,and I hope you will all continue to read (and forgive my being M.I.A. for 3 months)!

-Milie B.

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