Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Spice...On Ice

Ahhhh...that most wonderful of time has passed yet again. Halloween. Yes, it is the holiday that never was, and for this, I continue to be saddened every year on October 31st. I don't know about everyone else out there, but I really do feel as though Halloween should be an actual holiday, and I am willing to bet many others feel the same.

So what was on the menu this year? Well, unlike many other years, I found myself feeling slumpish. And as I looked around, I found that mood seemed to be a general thing. No one was as psyched as previous years, no one was putting any real effort into their costumes - honestly, everyone seemed as excited about halloween as they did about being put into a medically induced coma. On the day of, I found myself looking through drawers, looking for costume ideas. Returning from a recent trip to the SoCal coast, I wasn't about to drop any type of major coin on yet another revealing costume I would probably wear only once. I would have to do it on the cheap! I found myself at American Apparel looking at thong-style bodysuits in the ugliest colours one has ever seen - and then there it was, all perfect and waiting for me to purchase it - a pastel-turquoise bodysuit. I paired said bodysuit with a raspberry coloured sweatband, matching tights, white cashmere legwarmers and ta-da! I would be doing promo for Koodo Mobile all night long.

So, after a few hours of getting ready, my friends and I found ourselves nearing that "party-zone" frame of mind. As we got pumped to leave, we walked outside to find a snowy blanket now covered the ground. Hurrah. Could the night be saved, we had suddenly left autumn and entered into winter. Smoke breaks would be chilly tonight, yes they would. We arrived at the party and found ourselves in much more of a party mood despite the snowy set-back. We got settled, poured some drinks slammed back some shots, and were ready to take the night head-on. Our party was under way, people were dancing, talking, playing drinking games, snapping pictures of my ass, in a pastel-turquoise thong body-suit while pointing and laughing...And then who should appear but cookie monster. No one actually knew who was under that suit, but when the big reveal came, we couldn't hold back smiles, it was the one person the party had been missing all along, and obviously, from this point out, the party's new mascot. Cookie Monster had found a way to be the cherry on the cake. As the night wore one, the regular tra-la-la took place...Our friend poured shots, people came and people went. Bambi got sick pre-maturely, and without her help, I found myself drunk and unable to resist sending "just one text". Allow me to insert a FAIL right about now.

One would think that after all the stupid things I have sent via text, I would have learned my lesson, but it appears as though I need to repeat these types of mistakes a few times before I learn from my erronous ways. Now, because I have a tendency to open my mouth at the exact moment in time when I shouldn't, I will keep it closed this time around. However, I will say that timing is everything, and I, for one, have MUCH to learn about it. Yet again, I woke up and thought - Shit, what have I done. And when the person in question responded to my drunken electronic slurs, I found myself wanting to find a rock, and if possible, to crawl under it and hide for a while.

As I write, I find myself full of candy, and feeling sick. And as I look around and see my costume, and see the pictures being posted, I realize that though I may not have been in the mood to party, I still did so, and it felt great. I can only hope that those who were with me enjoyed themselves just as much - it's no longer about being at the most happening place, rather, it's about enjoying the night and being as silly, stupid, drunk, and out of control as you want, with those who are closest to you - your friends.

Now to start planning for next year's costume...and explanations for drunk text victim...

-Milie B.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the East (End)

Why hello again. Happy you're back to see what else my brain has hatched as far as topics of conversation go. Well...I am pretty certain that everyone has heard that saying that "life isn't about the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away" (or something to that effect). I am proud to say that yesterday, I experienced this not once, but twice. I am sure you are as flabbergasted as I was - twice in ONE day, who knew that was even possible.

As I mentioned, there were two moments. I have decided to give the second moment some more thought rather than write about it prematurely, and risk having it lose its lustre. And now for the first moment.

It began during an obligatory, weekly meeting at work. As I looked around the room, I couldn't believe my eyes - and not to judge here - the women were atrociously dressed. As I looked closer, I realized that individual peices were ok on their own, but an alarming number of these grown women could not put an outfit together to save their lives. There were so many colours that just did not belong together, or were perhaps acceptable in the form of a unique dress concocted by Betsey Johnson, but by no means work appropriate(think turquoise crew-neck shirt, with beige tapered corduroy, brown clunky shoes and a pink, yellow and orange flowered cardigan). Listen up ladies - that show, "What Not to Wear", I know it seems harsh, and perhaps even uninteresting if you are a tad "wiser" in your years, but it offers tutorials on how to dress, at any age. Not only does it guide you in how to dress, but how to wear your make-up, your hair - how to look fashionable at any age and yet remain classy. Don't get me wrong - I am all about bold fashion statements and choices, and I realize that the way you dress is an extension of who you are, a means of creative expression, and yes, I know individual tastes aren't exactly up for discussion, but these fashion decisions were so far off the target, I really do have to comment.

Now, after thinking I had quite possibly seen it all (though I knew there was no way that would ever happen), I came across her while I was walking out of the gym - The Wicked Witch of the East (end). **I say East end because those of you who know Ottawa know that the Gloucester centre is in the East end** I couldn't believe what was before my eyes. I came to a dead stop, tripped over my feet and my jaw dropped. Again, I am not judging, but please refer back to prior comment regarding television show. The woman in front of me, someone who was easily in their 70's, had not one, not two, but three - 3, THREE - different colours of hair. And I would like to point out these were not highlights. This lady was dressed, literally, like The Wicked Witch of the East, but her hair was a long layer of black, followed by a long layer of dark-ish grey, topped off with a final, shorter layer of forest green-turquoise. What is THAT? I have made some bad calls on hair colours (thick black chunky stripes on platinum) and haircuts (the self-induced "Moulet"), but I was also 20. And I have also worn some questionable fashion items (yes, I wore fun-fur, but I wore it out, to party, in an environment that was tailored to that fashion movement - aka, Montreal's rave scene circa '99), but the woman in question was out, shopping. I was scared. I think there comes a point in every person's life, and the point is about the same - I would say mid to late 20's - where whether or not you are done being crazy and out there, you need to dress in an age-appropriate manner. I am willing to sacrafice make-up if you can wear your hair in an age-appropriate manner as well. Aging is a part of life, and rather than try to hide it, I think people should instead embrace it. And truthfully, as we age, we ALL look less and less good, and we eventually will probably all look ugly in our old age, but baggy, black, witch robes and bad dye jobs are not going to camouflage this, or prevent the inevitable. And since I am on the subject, one should also avoid trying to squeeze into clothes an 18 year old would wear, stop trying to look that age too! If you are going to dye your hair, do so in a way that accentuates and complements your features - don't dye it 3 different colours, a move even "squeegee kids" are smart enough to avoid trying. Look at Joan Rivers - do you really want to look like her? Do you ever want to come close? Of course you don't.

I really want to reiterate that I am not judging - I have made some bad choices too. I admit them, and am able to laugh at them, and see how far off the mark I was. Ladies, dress your age, adopt a "less is more" attitude with make up, and stop wearing your hair like you are a rebel punk going riiden with teenage angst - this will not make you cooler with the kids (or grandkids, depending), and you risk embarassing them, and yourselves beyond repair. My apologies if you are offended by what I just wrote, but if you walk around and open your eyes, you will realize this phenomenon is reaching staggering numbers, and should be stopped before gains any more momentum.

-Milie B.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Purpose, or point, of BATS

Alright. I was talking with a friend today, and said friend pointed out that successful blogs have a purpose. Some exist to inform about fashion, politics, parenting skills, etc. Which brings me to my next point - the purpose of MY blog.

I don't have a concrete purpose like all the "successful" blogs, but one should also consider how young my blog is (at this point in time, all of 3 days old!). I actually spent a good deal of the day trying to figure out what my blog was about, and how I should go about articulating it. I think when I look at this on a global scale, the purpose is to simply provide others a view into my life. I am a regular person with a regular job, who likes to do regular things. However, I feel this is the perfect forum to address issues I care about, or at the very least, to discuss things that are on my mind, and probably on the minds of others. This means one can probably expect to read about travels, dating, and what life is really like outside The Hills and TMZ. I feel as though we have spent so long being fed a dream image of what "life" is like, and ultimately, people are never satisfied what what they have directly in front of them. I feel as though for too long, I was also part of this jaded population, and now that I have opened my eyes, I can actually begin to live life instead of always thinking that I am falling short.

Ultimately, I want this to be something that everyone can relate to, in some manner or another. I will do my best to keep you entertained, and to write often. I don't claim to be a social butterfly, or to be as popular or interesting as those we have come to idolize, however I don't believe these are pre-requisites to being worthy of being read (although I will be really frank here people, I am definitely just as, if not moreso entertaining than Snookie - except my IQ surpasses that of a roof shingle). My life is full of FAIL moments and debacles, moments of joy and sadness, and even ones that inspire or induce awe. My only hope is that as you read, you can appreciate, and take a chance on whatever I post - it comes from the heart, it isn't my job, and I am doing it because I love to write. Besides, maybe even you will be surprised with what you find here...

-Milie B.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday - Le Sigh...

It is currently 1:25pm - its is Sunday, and I am (obviously) sitting at my computer.  I woke at 12:31pm, something unheard of in my life in the last 10 months - it felt so nice. A few months back, I became a lemmings and purchased an oh-so coveted iPhone. This phone, I am sad to admit, has since become such a major part of my life I cringe at the thought of forgetting it at home during the day while I work. It is my lifeline to the outside world, to my friends, to society who are all, when you think of it, doing the same thing I am - working. This morning when I woke, the first thing I did was reach to my headboard for said iPhone. Yes people, this has become my new morning ritual - wake up, and find out what's up on FaceBook or Twitter. Back to FB.

When I scrolled down my feed, I found my cousin had posted that she was "Working tomorrow, so not down" and that her friend had responded to her post indictating FML - she, too, was working on Sunday. I will readily admit that working on a Sunday isn't the most appealing thing one could do. However, the FML is extremely uncalled for, in my  humble opinion. When I was their age, working on a Sunday was part of the deal. These days, with the economy being what it is, and there being fewer options for part-time work, or even full-time work for that matter, people, especially the "younger" generation should be happy to find jobs that aren't in the fast-food industry; though any job is good at this point in time. I was quite disappointed to see this post from my cousin. For me, a job meant having spending money, moving into the adulthood part of my life, and above all, monetary freedom. It meant I no longer needed to rely on some petty allowance from my parents - I finally had my own money, with which I could do what I pleased for the most part. It meant I could start planning for my future, but it also meant I was now someone who was employable. It meant I had skills that people could seek out in me, and it was an opportunity for me to learn something new, something I could excel at. And, it meant sometimes I would have to work on Sundays.

I now work full-time at a job I probably enjoy less than the part-time job I had when I was in university. I make more money, but you know what? When it's crunch time, I still work Sundays! And when I work Sundays, I don't have the opportunity to work with people, I get to sit at home with a laptop and pray that I get the work done before I get distracted. ALL jobs suck at one point in time or another - no matter how much you love what you do, there are always a few downfalls - but you have a job! Be happy that you have one! And also remember that some people, they work every Sunday because their job is such that they have to - that is the only job they can have, and there is a good chance that their money goes to supporting a family - not funding a Saturday night bender with friends, or a trip down south.

So my message to today's somewhat jaded youth - if you want Sundays off, keep going to school and working the part-time jobs with Sunday shifts. And if you make it REALLY big in today's world, then don't be so quick to push Sunday work days out of your mind - those who make it big work hard all the time, including Sundays. And finally, working on a Sunday, in Canada, in the winter no less, really isn't that bad - if you're going to spend the entire day inside lounging around, you might as well be inside making money, no?

My deep thoughts for this Sunday...Now, I am off to go enjoy some football and junk food, because THIS Sunday, I don't have to work. I did say THIS sunday - next week could be a different story.

-Milie B.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who am I - who are YOU?

Ok, so some of you know me, and some of you don't...And even those who claim to probably don't know the half of it. This is my attempt at making life better, at pursuing one of my few passions. I am not always politically correct, and my opinions are my own. So please, don't be offended - or take anything personally.

As a welcome post, I thought I would dedicate this first rambling to my ex. Yep, really. If you know me, you know that the last 10 months have been somewhat of a journey to hell and back, and then back to hell, and then back - again. But seriously, no more visits to hell. I thought you were the love of my life - FAIL. EPIC FAIL. But you know what? You broke my heart, and taught me that I am a much better person without you - because you are out of my life, because you are no longer slamming my personality, and everything I am and stand for, I am stronger, wiser and above all, sane. Without you, I have had so many experiences that have meant the world to me, and met so many other people that are worthy of my time, attention, friendship and love. Because of the people I have met, and those who have always stood by me, I can breathe again, and really live my life. My life is better without you, and I finally feel like I am living it - I can only wait in anticipation for all the great things I will achieve WITHOUT you. So thanks for nothing - without this nothing, I would not have had the courage to step outside my comfort zone and boundaries, and I wouldn't be enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer. Oh, and remember how I said I knew she left you her number and that it wasn't in a "friend" way, well you should also know that I know I was right, and that you're seeing her. I wish I could tell her that if it ends up being serious between you two, she will most likely have her heart torn to shreds as well - you seem to treat all your significant others the same way - I am just happy I got out when I did.

Now to everyone else, happy reading, and please don't hold back on constructive critiques - I hate being criticized, but I do welcome it.  And remember - life is what you make of it, don't wait another second.

-Milie B.