Monday, October 25, 2010

Purpose, or point, of BATS

Alright. I was talking with a friend today, and said friend pointed out that successful blogs have a purpose. Some exist to inform about fashion, politics, parenting skills, etc. Which brings me to my next point - the purpose of MY blog.

I don't have a concrete purpose like all the "successful" blogs, but one should also consider how young my blog is (at this point in time, all of 3 days old!). I actually spent a good deal of the day trying to figure out what my blog was about, and how I should go about articulating it. I think when I look at this on a global scale, the purpose is to simply provide others a view into my life. I am a regular person with a regular job, who likes to do regular things. However, I feel this is the perfect forum to address issues I care about, or at the very least, to discuss things that are on my mind, and probably on the minds of others. This means one can probably expect to read about travels, dating, and what life is really like outside The Hills and TMZ. I feel as though we have spent so long being fed a dream image of what "life" is like, and ultimately, people are never satisfied what what they have directly in front of them. I feel as though for too long, I was also part of this jaded population, and now that I have opened my eyes, I can actually begin to live life instead of always thinking that I am falling short.

Ultimately, I want this to be something that everyone can relate to, in some manner or another. I will do my best to keep you entertained, and to write often. I don't claim to be a social butterfly, or to be as popular or interesting as those we have come to idolize, however I don't believe these are pre-requisites to being worthy of being read (although I will be really frank here people, I am definitely just as, if not moreso entertaining than Snookie - except my IQ surpasses that of a roof shingle). My life is full of FAIL moments and debacles, moments of joy and sadness, and even ones that inspire or induce awe. My only hope is that as you read, you can appreciate, and take a chance on whatever I post - it comes from the heart, it isn't my job, and I am doing it because I love to write. Besides, maybe even you will be surprised with what you find here...

-Milie B.

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