Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Spice...On Ice

Ahhhh...that most wonderful of time has passed yet again. Halloween. Yes, it is the holiday that never was, and for this, I continue to be saddened every year on October 31st. I don't know about everyone else out there, but I really do feel as though Halloween should be an actual holiday, and I am willing to bet many others feel the same.

So what was on the menu this year? Well, unlike many other years, I found myself feeling slumpish. And as I looked around, I found that mood seemed to be a general thing. No one was as psyched as previous years, no one was putting any real effort into their costumes - honestly, everyone seemed as excited about halloween as they did about being put into a medically induced coma. On the day of, I found myself looking through drawers, looking for costume ideas. Returning from a recent trip to the SoCal coast, I wasn't about to drop any type of major coin on yet another revealing costume I would probably wear only once. I would have to do it on the cheap! I found myself at American Apparel looking at thong-style bodysuits in the ugliest colours one has ever seen - and then there it was, all perfect and waiting for me to purchase it - a pastel-turquoise bodysuit. I paired said bodysuit with a raspberry coloured sweatband, matching tights, white cashmere legwarmers and ta-da! I would be doing promo for Koodo Mobile all night long.

So, after a few hours of getting ready, my friends and I found ourselves nearing that "party-zone" frame of mind. As we got pumped to leave, we walked outside to find a snowy blanket now covered the ground. Hurrah. Could the night be saved, we had suddenly left autumn and entered into winter. Smoke breaks would be chilly tonight, yes they would. We arrived at the party and found ourselves in much more of a party mood despite the snowy set-back. We got settled, poured some drinks slammed back some shots, and were ready to take the night head-on. Our party was under way, people were dancing, talking, playing drinking games, snapping pictures of my ass, in a pastel-turquoise thong body-suit while pointing and laughing...And then who should appear but cookie monster. No one actually knew who was under that suit, but when the big reveal came, we couldn't hold back smiles, it was the one person the party had been missing all along, and obviously, from this point out, the party's new mascot. Cookie Monster had found a way to be the cherry on the cake. As the night wore one, the regular tra-la-la took place...Our friend poured shots, people came and people went. Bambi got sick pre-maturely, and without her help, I found myself drunk and unable to resist sending "just one text". Allow me to insert a FAIL right about now.

One would think that after all the stupid things I have sent via text, I would have learned my lesson, but it appears as though I need to repeat these types of mistakes a few times before I learn from my erronous ways. Now, because I have a tendency to open my mouth at the exact moment in time when I shouldn't, I will keep it closed this time around. However, I will say that timing is everything, and I, for one, have MUCH to learn about it. Yet again, I woke up and thought - Shit, what have I done. And when the person in question responded to my drunken electronic slurs, I found myself wanting to find a rock, and if possible, to crawl under it and hide for a while.

As I write, I find myself full of candy, and feeling sick. And as I look around and see my costume, and see the pictures being posted, I realize that though I may not have been in the mood to party, I still did so, and it felt great. I can only hope that those who were with me enjoyed themselves just as much - it's no longer about being at the most happening place, rather, it's about enjoying the night and being as silly, stupid, drunk, and out of control as you want, with those who are closest to you - your friends.

Now to start planning for next year's costume...and explanations for drunk text victim...

-Milie B.

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