Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's like, you know, like...

If you are anything at all like me, you have a thinking place. A spot where, for one reason or another, you do your BEST thinking. Wait a moment, I lied - I have two. But you probably still just have one. Just kidding.

Mine are as follows:
  1. The shower - This is where I do my best thinking. I am not quite sure what it is about lathering shampoo, or getting facewash in my eyes, but every time I am in the shower, my mind drifts to the issues that have left bumps in my day, to future plans, to brilliant ideas (well, I think they are brilliant, so that's all that matters).
  2. The gym - The gym is a recent one. Originally intended as place of solace post break-up last January, it had the opposite effect. I instead found myself agonizing over my break-up even more, taking apart and over-analyzing every last detail. This was obviously counter-productive to my "healing" process, but since it was keeping me in shape, and I was bound to a one-year contract, I figured I should probably keep going. Recently, the gym has become my thinking place for what I post on Bursting At The Seams. The gym is my new goldmine.
As mentioned above, I like to think at the gym. I do my stretches, power up my sassy metallic-pink iPod and just run. It is during this run that I let my mind wander, and begin to piece together whatever interesting story or social commentary I deem worthy of being posted here. I hear my heart beat faintly, my feet beating the treadmill and whatever mix I have pieced together that drives me to run. Normally, by the time I hit the 3-mile mark, I am drenched, thirsty, feel like a million bucks and I know what I am going to write. Until this Tuesday that is. I was caught off guard - so much so that I don't even remember what I origianlly intended to write about. As I moved from the treadmill to the floor/weight area, I overheard a girl (woman?), close to my age, talking with her personal trainer.

*Sidenote: Be on the lookout for a following post about pissing your money away with Goodlife Fitness Trainers

As I listened to her conversation - and I would like to point out I wasn't eavesdropping, EVERYONE within a 10 foot radius could hear her clear as day - like, every other word was like. Ugh, shudder. I understand that today's youth has some issues with communication, and is working very hard at massacring (<-- is this even a word? it doesn't matter, I am inventing it as of now) the English language, but this was a young professional. And like, ok, I like, get that she was like, talking to her trainer all like, friendly and stuff, but come on! Really, come on! I was astounded at how dumb this girl sounded when she spoke. I am certain she is very smart - as I listened to her conversation, I could sympathize with her situation, and have myself made the same decisions she was relating to her trainer - but I was exhausted just listening to her.

Listen up folks - the word "like" should be used when you discuss something that pleases you. I, Milie B. like shoes. I also like apples with peanut butter, and I like Kenny Powers of Eastbound & Down. You can also use "like" when comparing something - This drink tastes like @ss. But "like" is not a word that is to be inserted after every other word in a sentence because you are too lazy to string together a grammatically correct sentence. Put some effort into it. I spoke like (see, correct usage right there) that when I was 15, and I was embarassed when my mother pointed it out. When I speak to people, I organize my thoughts, then let them flow out. Also, at the age of 29, I feel the way I speak reflects on who I am, what type of education I have, and how I might present myself in a real-world situation such as a work environment. Imagine speaking like that in a job interview - I am sure she would be their first pick, really.

So, in closing, I would like to say two things. Firstly, if my English is questionnable when I write here, it is because I have often been told that the way in which I organize and express my thoughts is part of what makes my charm. And know that with each keystroke, I spend much time reflecting on my choice of words, and my words are chosen to articulate my points as I see fit, in a manner that I feel will best demonstrate my point, whatever it may be. I also go back to delete, and re-write, and delete and re-writre again MANY sentences because I feel they don't articulate my point(s) well enough. Secondly, to all those anglophones out there, I am a francophone - if I can put together a grammatically correct sentence, then you should be able to as well. This is my second language, and I still don't know if I should be proud, or appalled, that I can speak and write it better than many of you can. My stomache is gurgling and begging for food, so I am off to appease it, but will be back soon enough. Until then, think about what you are going to say before you say it.

-Milie B.

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