Monday, November 8, 2010

Not So Common After All

One of the most wonderful things about my best friend's boyfriend is that he has recently taken up hunting. This statement should not be mistaken for my condoning the hunting of Canadian wildlife - no sirree. Rather, I love the fact that he is out of the house for a whole week (along with the other roommate). This week 10 days of male-bonding within close proximity to beer, cigarettes and guns also gives way to female bonding, better known as "Guy - I'm crashing your place for a week!". During this week 10days, I get to indulge in some healthy cooking (cause my friend makes the best YUMMY healthy stuff), guilty-pleasure t.v. shows that we are otherwise almost too embarrassed to admit we watch, chick-flicks and above all, some SERIOUS girl-talk.

That's right, girl talk. It sounds all fancy and very well-to-do, but, much like men, we too have stuff we like to dish about, things that get our knickers in a twist and above all, things we need to vent about. Which brings me to today's subject. "Common" anything.

The plan for the evening was simple, and well-laid out. We would get home, bambi would do some work, I would take my best shot at baking gluten-free red-velvet cupcakes, we would make dinner, and then go to the gym...Maybe even cap off the night with a little Sex and the City, Season 2. But alas, due to a moderate-to-severe lack of common sense-decency-respect of other people's living space, a wrench found it's way into the perfect plan. Knowing full-well there was an "issue" with R3's glorious, algae encrusted fish-tank proudly displayed in the kitchen, we were naive enough to think it would "be ok" until the boys were back...WRONG. Luckily, we had seen this disaster approaching like hurricane Katerina, and had placed a call to our closest fish-tank expert Sunday night - her visit fit perfectly into the above mentioned, well-laid out plan. No one counted on what came next.

As the tank was opened and the situation assessed, it sunk in that we would no longer be going to the gym (ok, there are certainly worse things in the world, but you know how it is when you get into a routine). Due to the fact we had been cooking until now, we had managed to camouflage the rancid odour the tank was emitting - the picnic was now over. The lid came off, and I am pretty sure that the smell coming out of that tank could rival that of a rotting carcass. I am also pretty certain all three of us threw up in our mouths a little. The amount of CRAP in that water was unreal. Even more far fetched is the fact that there is a fish living in this filth. And less far fetched than that is that R3 knew this tank needed to be changed for at least the last, oh, I don't know, 6 months, minimum. The tank had actually gotten disgustingly clogged to the point where the air filter popped off whatever it is usually attached to, and the tank clouded - wait, no, it murked (<- this is another new word I have invented, feel free to use it)- over in about 36 hours. It was an army-green brown opaque mess. And it smelled like death - really.

I don't think I need to go into explicit detail about how revolting this whole mess was (and think - I was icing the cupcakes and WATCHING this go on - I watched and I was grossed out), but what was even more disenchanting is the fact the whole situation could have easily been avoided - very easily at that. I have found in my recent years that people seem to have lost this thing we once referred to as "common sense" (or decency or respect). I really don't think that in a house where 3 grown adults live, there should be any type of need for a chore chart - I think that when you live with 3 people, you should know better than to leave all your stuff lying around. You should know to keep common areas cleans, to pick up after yourself and to put things in the dishwasher. It's not just about keeping a house or area clean, it's about having enough respect for those with whom you spend the most time with that you don't need to be reminded, like a child. Granted this fish-tank incident is nothing like the hot water tank incident from a few weeks ago, it still put a damper on the evening. A little common sense would have led R3 to the same conclusion that everyone else reached (and pointed out to him, I would like to add) over two months ago.

And so, I would like to know if someone can please re-iterate to me what "common" sense is. Or decency or respect. And I ask because everywhere I look around me, it seems to be more and more obscure. People are rude, selfish and have almost complete disregard for those around them. But above all, the "common" aspect seems to have vanished - it has now turned to rarity, and dare I say, it might even be on the verge of extinction.

The million dollar question - can it be saved?

-Milie B.

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